We are  Consumer Protection Association in Kuwait. Affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The decision to establish :

The Minister of Trade and Industry and the Minister of State for Economic Affairs issued a Ministerial Decree No. 61 of 2021, according to which the Kuwaiti Consumer Protection Association was established.

Founders of the Consumer Protection Association:

Members of the Board of Directors - represented by the President of the Consumer Protection Association, MR. Meshaal Saad Mane Al-Enezi .


1- Initiate or intervene in the lawsuit that relates to the interests of consumers.

2- Educating consumers about their rights by issuing publications, holding seminars, and cooperating with various advertising media.

3- Conducting a survey and comparing the prices and quality of the products and ensuring the correctness of the data related to them, which determine their content, and informing the concerned authorities of the violations in this regard.

4- Providing information to the competent government agencies about problems related to the rights and interests of consumers and submitting proposals for remediation.

5- Receive consumers' complaints, verify their seriousness, raise them to the competent authorities, and follow them up until the causes are removed.

6- Helping consumers who have been harmed as a result of using or purchasing a commodity or receiving a service in submitting complaints to the competent authorities, including the National Committee for Consumer Protection, and taking legal measures to protect consumers' rights and interests.

The main roles and programs represented in the association:

*Board of Directors

* Department of Information Systems and Technical Support

* Legal Affairs

* Photography section, news broadcasts, and social networking programs.

*Media and awareness campaign.

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